The Best Help To Quit Smoking - It's Not You Who Can't Quit...It's What You've Been Taught...


The Best Help To Quit Smoking - It's Not You Who Can't Quit...It's What You've Been Taught...

You know the negative health impact smoking has on you and if that was going to help you to quit smoking then you would have quit smoking a long time ago! The truth is you need some information and help to quit smoking and not just some more facts about smoking and it's impact on your health. So read through this whole page and you will come to realize how simple quitting can be and why quit smoking aids may be hindering your ability to quit!

I smoked for 15 years and like most people I had tried to quit a few times throughout that time. Then I tried to quit 15 times in a row! And eventually it happened for me and it was easier then I thought!

In the past I had been offered money and that didn't work. I had been lectured about the negative health benefits and that didn't work. I felt guilty about what others thought and about my lack of

self discipline and that didn't work. I felt like I stunk and that didn't

work. I even felt like a slave to smoking - as if I didn't have the choice to quit - and that just made me depressed but it didn't help me quit.

Then in one of my pre-attempts (you know...I'll start after 3 more cigarettes!)  I picked up Alan Carr's      "The Easy Way To Stop Smoking" and that's when it stopped for me. In fact I gave this book to some friends after I quit and they quit with it as well.

Normally I would smoke as much as I could before quitting thinking that soon I would be depriving myself of my favorite thing but with this book I smoked when it told me to and had no fear holding me back and forcing me to wait to read the book till 'I was really ready' - Truth is you have to see past the fear or you will always be waiting till you are ready.

So if you are not wanting to read this book out of fear then snap out of it! Realize that your health and your happiness are more important then anything fear can throw at you and the only way to move forward in life is getting over your fears. This is the best quit smoking product out there hands down! You just have to try it!

I was just reading about Electronic Cigarettes and I thought that maybe they were safe and composed of - I don't know just vapor or something - but instead some contain nicotine. To quote  part of what I read "Although the e-cigarette CONTAINS a reasonable amount of nicotine it actually DELIVERS very little nicotine to the user"   -  This is bad! As a non-smoker I see it clearly but as a smoker I was brainwashed into thinking that the toxins in the cigarette was what was bad for me, not the nicotine so much.

The truth is you are not addicted to the toxins, you are addicted to the nicotine. So this is the trick they use to help you quit smoking, they give you more nicotine? When you are still putting nicotine into your body then your body is still wanting nicotine and not just a tiny amount of it but what it requires to fill up the nicotine tank to stop the withdrawals.

Apparently in an E-Cigarette the nicotine level is less then normal. This means, to me, that your chances of putting down the electronic cigarette and picking up your favorite brand of cigarette is extremely high! Why?

You are still smoking in a sense. Not just the nicotine part. The electronic cigarette gives you the feeling of smoking and the sensation of smoking but you have less nicotine and the only reason thing that smoking does for you is refill your nicotine level...that's it...so if you are still acting as if you are smoking but you are not refilling your nicotine level then you will find something that does fill it up eventually because you have not actually decided to quit smoking, you just decided to take another form (or safer) way of smoking. It won't be good enough in the end. I can almost guarantee it.  And then you will start smoking again and decide that you just weren't strong enough this time. But the truth is that you didn't really try to stop the addiction of nicotine - you just lessened the amount of nicotine.

This is why nicotine gum and patches don't work well and most people begin smoking after a few days or weeks on it.

They are still putting nicotine into your body, even if it is less, so you are still craving that nicotine and you are not getting enough of it though your quit smoking aids...so you finally just give in and start smoking cigarettes again. I have to assume that nicotine aid companies may know that most people won't quit with their aids but at least while they are trying they will still be spending money on nicotine in some form...they have to know better - right?

Now even if you get an Electronic cigarette without nicotine in it - it still will be engaging in the act of smoking! Bear with me and I'll explain why that is a bad thing!

What I now know is that the nicotine made me feel like I was capable of feeling and doing things better with the cigarette. This meant that if I was happy I smoked, if I was tired I smoked, if I need to relax I smoked - and so on and so on. I thought that the cigarette was helping me do these things better but in actual fact all I was doing was replacing the nicotine that my body was focused on and THEN, once I let my body relax from the nicotine withdrawal,  I was able to deal with my real emotions.

The cigarette didn't help me feel those emotions or get on with my day, they just got in the way of it and they were something I needed to do BEFORE I could have those feelings of happiness, sadness, or relaxation....I just associate the cigarette doing this for me because they always coincide together. Meaning I always had to get through the withdrawal before feeling the emotion and since I felt so good after replacing my nicotine level I associated it with my feelings. When in essence all I had done was gotten through my nicotine withdrawal and enjoyed dealing with my natural feelings without the withdrawal in the way!

Now that I don't smoke I feel those feelings on my own, naturally, without having to replace my nicotine level before hand.

It's a common belief that smoking helps us deal with things better but in actuality it makes it harder for us to deal with things because we have to fill our nicotine withdrawal before we can deal with whatever situation comes forward. That's why you need a cigarette before you can deal with any type of activity. You can literally not deal with life naturally! In essence, you have to drug up beforehand to deal with it!

The point is that you have been taught many things about smoking and quitting smoking and you believe them because everyone else does as well - but once you see the truth behind smoking you will realize that there is no need to have them in your life anymore and it won't be scary but instead it will be freeing and liberating to say that you have quit smoking and now have a healthier life ahead of you not to mention:

  • More time in your day for your actual life
  • More money in your pocket for other things
  • Less guilt about your non ability to quit smoking
  • Higher ability to deal with things without freaking out (Because you are no longer going though withdrawal)
  • Less worry about your health in the future
  • No longer have to live your life around cigarettes

Plus whatever other reasons you have to quit smoking - maybe for you children or for your family or for something else that you hold dear but believe me there are more reasons to quit then there are to smoke. In fact, if you read Allan Carr's book you will realize that there are zero reasons to smoke.

You can buy it through amazon for cheap here: The Easy Way To Stop Smoking - Then have a few days to wait for it to get to you so you can deal with your fear of reading the book!

Once you get it eliminate your fear of quitting smoking and just read it! You will thank your strength after the fact...and you can silently thank me for pointing you there if you want as well by passing this information on to someone else and taking them out of the matrix most smokers are stuck in and show them that what they have been taught about smoking isn't real and there's an easier way to get out.

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