The Benefits Of Reflexology – Pain, Stress, Hemmorhoid relief and More!

The Benefits Of Reflexology – Pain, Stress, Hemmorhoid relief and More!

 The Benefits Of Reflexology – Pain, Stress, Hemmorhoid relief and More!

The benefits of reflexology are widely unknown to most people because they have never heard of it but I’m telling you that there are benefits you didn’t even know existed. Whether you have a backed up colon or you need a boost of energy, reflexology can help you.

Essentially it should be a part of everyone’s daily health routine.

Whenever you feel a pain, and I mean the slightest twinge of pain, you can start working on it with reflexology. Pain is the bodies signal that something is just not right. Somewhere along the line there is a blockage in your body which is causing a malfunction. When you feel that pain you can press the reflexology button which will stop it before it starts or aid it while it’s happening.

I’ve used it since I can remember and I can attest that when a certain part of me is not working properly I can feel it when I do my reflexology. Every time and without fail.

Here are three areas that benefit from reflexology. While this is a small list compared to what it actually helps I couldn’t write everything in this one page. This is why they have reflexology books out there because it really is that expansive.

The Colon

The colon is huge when it comes to health.  I’m not sure many people really understand how important it is. Deadly illnesses begin in the colon.  When your colon is diseased or filled with toxins your bloodstream is drawing some of this poison from your colon and putting it back into your body. When you have a problem in your colon you can bet that your digestive system as a whole has a problem.

I do reflexology on my colon everyday just because it is that important.

With reflexology you will increase the blood flow and stimulate the digestive system. This is very advantageous. Stress to those areas of your body will decrease and when you have reduced stress you have increased healing. The healing will aid you with better digestion which is the whole point to the digestive system working properly.


Many people get relief from hemorrhoids with reflexology. Hemorrhoids are varicose veins that are in or around the rectum and while the ones that ‘hang out’ so to speak seem to hurt more they are none the less uncomfortable when they ‘stay in’.

You can heal yourself by doing reflexology on your hemmorhoid areas on your feet and hands and literally feel the pain go away almost immediteatly. If you continue the massage for several days they will retreat and relieve completely. Ahhhh....hemmorhoid free.


Therapies and supplements for acne are in high demand. There is always acne so there is always demand. Acne is not cured from the outside alone though. You have to treat the root cause, as with everything else, and then you will defeat the acne problem for good. Because it can cause scars and last for many years acne is something to be taken seriously.

By using reflexology on the endocrine glands you stimulate oil and hormones into the skin. Keep in mind that a health inside equals health skin.

Other areas that reflexology help are eyes, arthritis, stomach, digestion, back pain, heart, liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, bladder, sex glands... get the picture?

Anything in your body can benefit from reflexology.

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