Garlic is Extremely Beneficial For Your Health and Should Be a Part Of Everyones Diet!


Garlic is Extremely Beneficial For Your Health and Should Be a Part Of Everyones Diet!

The garlic benefits for your health are huge! They cover 3 huge aspects of health including a healthy heart, cancer prevention, and a strong weapon for infection. Just that alone should have you eating your garlic!

What is garlic exactly? Garlic is a relative of chives, leeks, and onions. Garlic's botanical name is Allium Sativum and it is in the lily family.

My husband and I love garlic! I can't remember a main course, dip, soup, salad, appetizer - whatever, that didn't have garlic in it in some shape or fashion, and we get the strongest garlic we can find - for the taste....but many people do not like the taste and instead keep the garlic around for it's powerful health benefits such as its ability to help prevent and fight illness like cancer and heart disease.

Garlic Benefits For Health

Garlic has been long known as one of the most natural remedies of all time which makes it easily accepted by even the most hefty critique among us. Even they can't deny that it is a powerful tool for natural health.

One of the great things about garlic is that it is readily available and grown everywhere and anywhere easily - even in your own garden. If you want odorless garlic though you will have to run to your supermarket and buy some garlic pills.

One note to mention is that many people who eat a lot of garlic do not reek like garlic after a while. If you want the full benefits you may have to live with the odor.

The fact that garlic benefits health natural with little to no side effects is another plus on the side of garlic. I have read that garlic occasionally causes allergies in people, and that can be a problem, but I have not actually heard or read of any cases where that has happened. But it should be something to keep on the 'watch for this' list.

Of course, you might get mild heartburn or possibly a mild digestive discomfort from eating raw garlic but this only occurs when it's fresh and if you take it in pill form or cooked you will bypass these side effects - although, as with any food, garlic will benefit you most when eaten raw and fresh. Almost everything seems to have side effects nowadays so it's a comfort to know something so powerful can be taken with comfort.

There has been much research done on garlic and everyday more people join the ranks of eating garlic for its health benefits if not for its taste.

Here are just 7 benefits that garlic can offer you when you add it to your daily food list.

1. Garlic lowers cholesterol.

There have been many studies done on this but I like this one - 'In Germany, where garlic is a licensed medicine for atherosclerosis (hardening or blocking of arteries), a study came out of Munich University. Patients were put on a low fat diet, and the cholesterol fell 10 percent and stabilized. Garlic was added, and the cholesterol fell another 10 percent.'

2. Garlic reduces blood pressure and thins out the blood - this is great for your circulation.

3. Garlic can be used in different home remedies for colds, chest and throat problems, yeast infections, mouth infections as well as many other mild and chronic infections like bronchitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, infection of the stomach like gastroenteritis, and skin infections like athlete's foot and ringworm.

4. Garlic gives a boost to your immune system and helps to attack and get rid of bacteria and fungi.

5. It cleanses the body by removing chemicals, waste, and toxins.

6. it's a huge cancer preventive measure - In fact, the research has proven that in the prevention of cancer, garlic is the most helpful food.

7. It has antifungal, antibacterial, and an antiseptic properties - Garlic is safer then antibiotics and research has shown that garlic has a wider range of action than antibiotics - even though it is less potent and milder.

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