Constipation in children ...


Constipation in children

Constipation in children

1 in 5 elementary school students has constipation

Due to the diversification of lifestyles and eating habits, the problem of constipation in modern children is becoming more and more serious. Many of the illnesses caused by constipation are serious, so it can be said that relieving constipation in children is an urgent issue to be resolved.

The NPO Japan Toilet Lab conducted a "Survey on Defecation and Lifestyles of Elementary School Students" targeting 4,833 parents of elementary school students in 47 prefectures nationwide. According to a survey on three major points, "the actual condition of constipation in elementary school students", "the actual condition of defecation in school", and "the relationship between the diet and lifestyle of elementary school students and constipation", one in five elementary school students has constipation. understood.

Timing of onset of constipation

It is said that children are more likely to develop constipation when they switch to baby food, when they start potty training, and when they enter elementary school and start commuting to school. Especially, the probability is high between the ages of 2 and 4.

If you have constipation during this time, you may be reluctant to defecate and tend to put up with your bowel movements in an attempt to avoid abdominal and high temperature pain during defecation. As a result, the stool in the rectum becomes huge. On the other hand, the constant stool remains, which dilates the rectum and makes it difficult to feel the urge to stool. This further promotes constipation. If you enter this vicious circle, your child will suffer from constipation for a long time.

Causes by age

There are five main causes of constipation in children. It is lack of breast milk, body growth, start of baby food, potty training, admission / admission.

Children are prone to constipation if they lack milk from their mother. This is a common symptom in children aged 0 to 2 months.

When you grow up a little and reach 4 to 5 months, your body will grow rapidly, and breast milk and milk will be over-digested, causing constipation.

As they grow further, some children may become constipated due to potty training. It seems that the stress of parental discipline is often the cause. Similarly, due to stress, there is constipation caused by admission to the kindergarten.

In this way, children are delicate and can become constipated due to various factors.

What is the ideal flight?

There is no particular rule regarding the ideal number of flights. The number of flights varies from person to person. For example, there is no such thing as "You have to have 〇 flights a day!" Conversely, if you think your child may have constipation, it is important to see how different your normal health is from the number of stools.

Children are prone to constipation if they lack milk from their mother. This is a common symptom in children aged 0 to 2 months.

Some mothers are worried that they only poop once every two days, but especially if their child's stools are usually taken once every two days. You don't even have to.

Signs of constipation

It is difficult for a small child to express or explain his or her physical condition in words. Even more so, if you are old enough to speak, your mother must be sensitive to the upset.

As a sign of constipation in a child, it is visibly noticeable at an early stage that the child does not have stool or is hungry. As constipation worsens, other symptoms such as loss of appetite and blood in the stool may occur, so mothers should be aware of the signs of constipation in their children at an early stage.

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