Best bet supplements

 Best bet supplements

 Best bet supplements

Good bacteria that cannot be taken with food alone

Dairy products and fermented foods contain a large amount of good bacteria that are necessary to improve the intestinal environment. However, it is actually quite difficult to take such things in a well-balanced manner. Also, even if you try to have a well-balanced diet for your health, it is not always a dietary habit that has a healthy effect.

Therefore, it is important to create an environment in which the number of good bacteria in your intestines can easily increase, rather than ingesting good bacteria as a diet. It is to create an environment where good bacteria are easy to live in, increase, work easily, and bad bacteria are hard to live in. Dietary supplements support this. Eating dietary supplements is the most effective way to easily increase the number of beneficial bacteria and improve the intestinal environment. Especially recommended for people with irregular eating habits and imbalances.

Excessive intake of dairy products causes obesity!

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to improving the intestinal environment is dairy products such as milk and yogurt. It is well known that many bacteria live in the human intestine, which is called "intestinal flora", and that dairy products are indispensable for adjusting them. .. You will often see such commercials.

But does just taking such dairy products really improve the intestinal environment? The answer is no! is. This is because lactic acid bacteria contained in dairy products are vulnerable to gastric acid and bile in saliva and gastric juice, so there is a high probability that they will die by the time they reach the intestines. Certainly, the more dairy products you consume, the more you may reach your intestines, but the more calories you have, which causes obesity. If you become obese because you are only conscious of the intestinal environment, then you will not have any children.

Supplements are efficient

Dietary supplements are far more effective than dairy products. First of all, you can get an overwhelming number of lactic acid bacteria. The most important thing to prepare the intestinal environment is how many bacteria can be taken. By taking a lot of lactic acid bacteria, the balance between good bacteria and bad bacteria in the intestine is balanced, and you can expect a reasonably high effect.

I think there are many people who think that it is good for the body to reach the intestines alive. In fact, it is not live bacteria that reach the intestines, but dead bacteria. This is because if it is a dead bacterium, the bacterium will not be reduced by gastric acid. Since most of the supplements use dead bacteria, most of them can reach the intestines firmly without being digested and decomposed, and can fully exert their effects.

Another attraction of supplements is that they are easy to take and easy to continue. By incorporating it into your lifestyle, it will support a healthy life.

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