Meditation - The Quiet Connection To Ourselves With Awareness and Health


Meditation - The Quiet Connection To Ourselves With Awareness and Health

Meditation - The Quiet Connection To Ourselves With Awareness and Health

Why would you want to learn how to meditate or practice it at all? Does meditation really offer you the benefits that you hear about? Do you really come out of meditation feeling better and more focused? Can you really find the answers you are looking for while meditating?

I can honestly answer yes to all of those questions - not just from the history of meditation and people who know it works but from my own personal experience. I have a better connection to my self and I have received many answers that I have been searching for all through meditation. I prefer guided meditation as my mind tends to wander easily but once I get into it my mind takes over for me.

Meditation goes back thousands of years - and my guess is probably more. There have been findings that prove their were yogic figures in the Inuds Vally Civilization. The scriptures are dated back to more than 5000 years ago and they discuss various ways of meditating! While there has been much documented history of meditation and it's benefits the proof is in the pudding so to speak and once you start using meditation in your life you discover it's benefits first hand.

What does meditation mean? Basically, it means to focus your thoughts on a focal point - be it an object, a vision, or even a question. It means to quite down the noise that goes on in our minds every second of the day. It means changing our brainwaves to a more relaxed state, an alpha state, and allowing our body to relax by use of it.

Being in an Alpha state can be associated with before and after bed drowsiness.

The benefits of meditation encompass every area of our lives including our psychical body, our mental state, and our spiritual awareness.

Lately the physical benefits have been a focal point of society as there has been much coronary disease focus over the last little while and there are many people who are turning to meditation to reduce blood pressure as well as cholesterol - which means a decrease in the work your heart has to put in which of course means - less stress on hear the better the heart works.

Of course meditation can be used for other things as well. It has been noted to help everything from depression to fibramyalgia.

There are psychological benefits of meditation including a higher level of creativity, learning ability, and it even benefits memory positively.

Studies have shown an increase in happiness and emotional calmness and feelings that come with negativity such as depression, panic, and short temper tend to decrease.

And of course there are spiritual benefits to meditation as well. As I said before, I use it to ask some of my deepest and most personal questions and usually I receive answers quite quickly through meditation. We can literally open up our minds to receive answers from non-physical ways and achieve huge self improvement and even enlightenment this way. You don't have to believe me - believe me and the long history of meditation used in religious practices and try it for yourself. You will become a believer!

Some different types of meditation or techniques to meditate include mindfulness, transcendental, breathing, and guided  to name a few.

Mindfulness meditation is allowing your thoughts and your feelings to come into your mind without judgment but just to be aware of them in the present moment.

Transcendental meditation involves utilizing a mantra ( A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words) which is repeated to quiet our mind and thoughts.

Breathing meditation uses the power of our own breath. Simple yet very effective. In fact you will find focusing on your breathing used everywhere nowadays as a powerful stress reliever and calmer downer (for lack of better words)

Guided meditation is my favorite as I have a very easily distracted mind. Guided meditation allows someone else or something else to take me where I need to be.

I use binaural beats for my meditation and I find they bring me into a nice meditation quickly and effectively. I focus on a question and then let the Binaural Beat take me to where I need to go to get my answers.

If you don't use meditation currently in your life then you are missing out on one of the most powerful and free tools for your over-all health and sanity.

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