Find out the best nutrient-dense foods for vegetarians ؟!

Find out the best nutrient-dense foods for vegetarians ؟!

Find Top Nutrient Rich Foods for Vegetarians!

For more than 30 Nutrients, find which Foods are richest.

Richest Foods are shown in two ways: a compact "Top 10" list, and a more detailed list.

Foods quantities are per portion, not for the standard 100g. This makes easier the comparisons between foods.

Here is a sample of Top 10 Richest Foods for Vegetarians.

Only a few Nutrients are shown here.

Full Nutrients' list can be found in Top 10 Nutrient Rich Foods for Vegetarians.

Top Vitamin K Rich Foods for Vegetarians

772% 694µg boiled kale (85g)

562% 506µg dandelion greens (65g)

511% 460µg frozen spinach (85g)

482% 434µg collards (85g)

467% 420µg boiled lambsquarters (85g)

391% 352µg cress (65g)

360% 324µg purslane (85g)

309% 278µg swiss chard (85g)

167% 150µg escarole (65g)

133% 120µg broccoli (85g)

Top Proteins Rich Foods for Vegetarians

77% 42g soybean kernels (250ml)

55% 30g soybeans (250ml)

50% 27g lupins (250ml)

40% 22g raw yellow beans (100g)

34% 19g lentils (250ml)

34% 19g falafel (140g)

31% 17g split peas (250ml)

31% 17g taco (140g)

28% 15g sheep milk (250ml)

27% 15g egg and cheese sandwich (140g)

Top Potassium Rich Foods for Vegetarians

37% 1762mg soybean kernels (250ml)

33% 1535mg hearts of palm (85g)

28% 1293mg adzuki beans (250ml)

20% 936mg soybeans (250ml)

17% 819mg falafel (140g)

16% 772mg lentils (250ml)

16% 750mg split peas (250ml)

15% 728mg carrot juice (250ml)

15% 726mg passion fruit juice (250ml)

15% 699mg raw plantain (140g)

Top Vitamin D Rich Foods for Vegetarians

54% 2.7µg skimmed milk (dry) (25g)

50% 2.5µg goat milk (250ml)

40% 2µg scrambled egg (110g)

40% 2µg cheese souffle (250ml)

36% 1.8µg cream puff (80g)

32% 1.6µg eclair (80g)

30% 1.5µg white sauce (60ml)

29% 1.4µg egg and cheese sandwich (140g)

28% 1.4µg lemon pudding (125ml)

27% 1.3µg cottage cheese (regular) (175g)

Top Iron Rich Foods for Vegetarians

52% 9.3mg soybeans (250ml)

52% 9.3mg chili with beans (250ml)

39% 7mg lentils (250ml)

28% 5mg kellogg's froot loops (30g)

27% 4.8mg falafel (140g)

26% 4.7mg soybean kernels (250ml)

26% 4.6mg whole-wheat pancake dry mix (100ml poured)

25% 4.4mg toasted sesame seeds (30g)

24% 4.3mg spirulina (15g)

19% 3.4mg candied ginger root (30g)

Top Vitamin B12 Rich Foods for Vegetarians

77% 1.8µg sheep milk (250ml)

64% 1.5µg scrambled egg (110g)

57% 1.4µg partly skimmed milk (250ml)

46% 1.1µg egg and cheese sandwich (140g)

46% 1.1µg cheese pizza (140g)

42% 1µg emmental (30g)

41% 0.99µg whole milk yogurt (175g)

36% 0.85µg taco (140g)

35% 0.83µg cheese fondue (100g)

34% 0.82µg egg custard dessert (125ml)

Top Omega 3 Rich Foods for Vegetarians

631% 6.9g linseeds (30g)

509% 5.6g flaxseed oil (10g)

248% 2.7g walnuts (30g)

87% 0.96g walnut oil (10ml)

79% 0.87g french salad dressing (30ml)

76% 0.84g canola oil (10ml)

60% 0.66g mayonnaise (15ml)

58% 0.64g wheat germ oil (10ml)

57% 0.62g soybean oil (10ml)

27% 0.3g roasted pecan nuts (30g)

Top Magnesium Rich Foods for Vegetarians

69% 222mg raw yellow beans (100g)

56% 178mg pumpkin seed kernels (30g)

54% 174mg soybean kernels (250ml)

49% 156mg soybeans (250ml)

44% 142mg espresso (175ml)

37% 119mg prickly pear (140g)

36% 115mg falafel (140g)

35% 113mg brazilnuts (30g)

35% 111mg kellogg's all bran (30g)

34% 110mg linseeds (30g)

Top Selenium Rich Foods for Vegetarians

1046% 575µg brazilnuts (30g)

103% 57µg spaghetti (215g)

70% 39µg couscous (140g)

63% 35µg waffle (75g)

59% 32µg egg and cheese sandwich (140g)

56% 31µg scrambled egg (110g)

55% 30µg cheese pizza (140g)

42% 23µg soybean kernels (250ml)

41% 22µg whole-wheat pancake dry mix (100ml poured)

38% 21µg shiitake (85g)

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