Why do Vegetables Work in Vegetarian Slimming?


Why do Vegetables Work in Vegetarian Slimming?

Why do Vegetables Work in Vegetarian Slimming?

Vegetables are a rich source of vitamins that our bodies need.  We talk about a well balanced

diet, but what does that really mean?  There are so many conflicting pieces of information now, in magazines, television and other medias.  Who can blame us for being confused!

Why Vegetables Work

If you lose weight, & slim down, that then means that any toning regime that you chose to embark on will work so much better than if you hadn’t bothered to lose the weight in the first place.  Its a matter of getting a few strategies going at the one time!  Vegetarian Slimming can help in this process!  Vegetables work because they are “well received” by your body.  That is to say the Human Body can process vegetables very well and very efficiently without giving you any of the bloated symptoms that a heavy meat ladened meal can sometimes do.

Vegetables are the heart and soul of a meal from nourishing soups in the Winter time, to light and fragrant salads in the  Summer.  And that’s not all.  What about these rich bean ragouts or mushroom risottos?  They are superb, and so easy to prepare.  However it has to be said that more often than not, with any vegetarian dish you have to inject flavour.  This usually involves the addition of other health giving ingredients like garlic, fresh ginger, and aromatic spices.  However in my view the queen of the vegetables ( you’ll note that I am making her female!!) is the humble tomato.  Never has there been such a versatile or flavoursome vegetable… indeed over the years there has been much controversy whether the tomato is a vegetable or a fruit. There is such a wide variety of sizes and flavours, in the humble tomato, but all are superb at boosting the immune system and keeping colds and coughs at bay.

Another great advantage of Vegetarian Slimming is the ability of vegetables to rid the body more efficiently of toxins.  Toxins build up in our body as a bi product of what we consume.  [ Puddings, chocolate and alcohol spring to mind, I don't know why...!!].  Oh I am not saying that you should do away with all pleasurable eating & drinking… but… if you want to lose weight then you must for a while.  I would say to leave it a good 8 weeks into a healthy diet before you indulge in any naughtiness!

In that time that you are “choosing” to lose weight, you must really think about and  get your head round these things like chocolate, that second glass of wine that you didn’t need, or choosing the sorbet rather than the cheesecake at the night out!  Losing weight is a state of mind!  You either want to do it or you don’t, and no excuses are acceptable… sorry!

The Advantages of Vegetables

Vegetables are easy to prepare, they have very little fat, they are generally considered to have a low GI [glycemic index], especially when eaten along side other pulses or carbohydrates thereby making you feel fuller for longer.  In this way they give you a head start in your slimming regime.  These are just a few of the reasons why vegetables work!

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